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Wrangler Custom DIY Hardware Kit (wood not included) Review

Wrangler Custom DIY Hardware Kit (wood not included) Review


Model: WS 5056

ASIN: B00076OC1U


    • For backyard residential use only; unable to ship to a commercial address
    • A cost effective alternative to build a custom play set
    • Includes illustrated plans and hardware
    • Meets and/or exceeds ASTM safety standards for backyard residential use only
    • slide sold separately



WS 5056 Reviews

“Quite Great Kit, Highly Recommend. ”

Only finished this over the weekend. I did all the cuts in advance and then followed the directions to construct the swing set. I did it with no help, but there were a few parts that were hard to do without assistance. If I wasn’t 65 I would have had difficulty lifting the major column on the fort.This cost me between $650 and $700 bucks. I purchased all the timber at a local lumber yard I utilize and had it delivered (400). The slide is 100 bucks and between 50 and 100 bucks in screws (exterior screws are not cheep) I highly suggest checking with a timber yard within the large box stores for timber. They tend to get better quality treated timber, and its own fresher because they go through timber quicker afterward home depot does.I have a great deal of experience with construction so this was an easy project for me personally, but a amateur diyer or novice would be able to figure this out.Cons (and 4 stars)- basically paying $100 for 3 swings, two brackets, directions, and a lot of bolts. The directions / plans are extremely good so I’m ok with this. – The slide is $100 dollars which is absurd. This is clearly the piece in which they are making all their money. – Everything is bolted together with thru bolts. That’s nice, but I despise thru bolts (and my main 4 celebrity gripe). If I did this again I’d attach everything with Simpson structural screws.Overall I’m quite happy with this item and I’d buy again.

Wrangler Custom DIY Hardware Kit (wood not included) Review | WS 5056 Review


“Great Playset And Awesome Client Service”

After a little study, I chose to purchase the Wrangler Custom hardware kit. I wanted to build something durable and sturdy enough to last for years to come. I wasn’t disappointed. You do have to buy your own screws and wood that was another couple hundred dollars but this contained all the hardware required to make the job easy. Do yourself a favor and buy coated square head screws. Buy more of those 3 then exactly what the directions say to. We ran outside and that I had to go and get more. With the support of one other person plus some prep work the day before by cutting and marking the length on each piece of timber, we had the ability to fully assemble the set in just a weekend. The kids love this item and havent stopped playing on it since it was built weeks ago.I generally dont publish ratings but I ended up being a few carriage bolts short which wasn’t any big deal but I reported Swing N Slide to a Sunday and had an immediate response that night! (Even though the answer was in a junk folder for two days.) Great customer service! Buy this collection and you will be disappointed. .

Wrangler Custom DIY Hardware Kit (wood not included) Review | WS 5056 Review


“This Collection Is Great. Went Together Fairly Easily”

This set is great. Went together fairly easily. Im useful, but no carpenter, and I didnt have any difficulty. Just make sure that you read the directions carefully and take some time to be certain everything is square. Took me about 9 hours complete by myself except for just a little assistance with a few of the heavy lifting. I pre-cut all the wood in advance. This item is STURDY. I can climb up there with my littler woman and jump around and also this thing doesnt move at all. And so are 63 and 250lbs. My daughter is 2 and cant quite can make it up the ladder, so Im going add a slanted you to substitute it for the time being. For all of the pressure treated wood and screws at Home Depot I invested approximately $330. This set is awesome.

Wrangler Custom DIY Hardware Kit (wood not included) Review | WS 5056 Review